[VOL. 46] January 2020 hop Newsletter

7 Feb 2020


This is hoproject. How have you been?

In Korea, the Lunar New Year’s Day, one of the biggest holidays in Korea, has just passed. People gathered together, said hello to grandparents, and had tteokguk (prepared with slices of rice cake, beef, eggs, etc.) during the holiday.

This time, we brought the news about the US vision trip!

  • The schedule of the trip has been finalized. It will be on from February 20th to 28th. Please open the attached sign-up sheet file and support whichever you want. And please pray for the trip.

We are thankful for being passionate towards the ministry and working together, which pleases God.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” (Romans 12:15)

We hope that you will enjoy peace and joy that God brings you.

in His grace,


Please pray that(for)

1. The center children will become happy with God and their wishes will come true.

2. The center children can find their talents(dreams) and hopes.

3. The center directors and teachers can be comforted and meet their needs.

4. The coffee ministry(education & distribution) can be vitalized.

5. God will send us a total of 12 people to help in our mission together.

6. Churches(in the US, Japan, and Korea), companies, and individuals can continue have a good relationship with each other.

7. For pastor Chung to be filled with the Holy Spirit all the time and to be healthy.

8. the US vision trip