HOP Coffee opened for the ministry of Hope Outreach Project (HOP), and to create social value. 

We make a cup of coffee with aroma of love and hope that this helps the marginalized.

You can do so through the purchase of coffee (beans).

★Whole Beans

We select and purchase processed coffee beans (washed and natural) from countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, etc. each year and roast them. And they become full of flavor and aroma.

★Roasting Green Beans

HOP Coffee roasts the best quality of coffee beans with thorough hygiene and quality assurance. We use hand picking method to separate defective beans and beans with fungus from good ones. Based on what kind of green beans there are, we roast them differently. So, our coffee is full of flavor and aroma.

★Specialty (the year of 2019-2020)

We provide the best coffee of each year from several countries.




★Cold Brew Coffee

Brewing coffee with cold water for more than eight hours, we make cold brew coffee with great flavor and aroma. And we try to extract herb from beans as much as possible. You can call it coffee wine.

If you want to purchase whole beans or cold brew coffee, please contact us anytime.

Whole beans: 100g, 200g, 500g

Cold brew coffee: 500ml per bottle

Home Barista Class

Do you want to learn more about coffee? Do you want to be a home barista who makes coffee with love for family and friends?

 We will let you know how to enjoy the best coffee at a good price.

<5 to 7 people per class, 2.5 hours per class>

Professional Barista Class

If you want to start your business or get a job as a barista, or if you want to learn the flavor and aroma of coffee beans based on coffee profile and figure out what your flavor and aroma is, Professional Barista Class is for you!

It is a program that includes quality assurance curriculum to foster professional baristas. You can learn the characteristics, varieties, flavor, aroma of coffee around the world.

<2 hours a week. A five-week-program>